Project “Cadastre for Small Hydro Power Plants” (SHPP) is funded by the European Union under IPA programme, it’s co-financed by the funds of the Republic of Serbia and has started on 27th February 2017 with the implementation period of two years. Project aims to provide help in reforming energy policy of the Republic of Serbia by meeting EU Acquis through increased use of renewable energy. The project includes over 150 municipalities, 25 towns and visiting over 700 sites.

Project aims to increase the use of the renewable energy sources in Serbia to 27% by 2020. In addition, the project offers support on increasing the reliability of energy supply and on establishing of sustainable energy development in Serbia.

The main project results are:

  • Result 1 – Updated Small Hydro Power Cadastre in electronic format, including web page, with real data from the field and new locations entries
  • Result 2 – Trained staff and improved awareness on the new Cadastre for Small Hydro Power Plants

Project will contribute to the attraction of the new investors in the renewable energy sources area. Investments in SHPP will also contribute to creation of new jobs in the fields of production of materials used in the construction of SHPPs.