In order to create conditions for long-term sustainability of the project results, it is essential to share relevant information in a structured and coherent way. Following the key objectives, project will enable proper presentation and explanation of all collected data and shared information.

Objective 1: Updated Small Hydro Power Cadastre in electronic format (including web page, with real data from the field and new locations entries)

  • Identification of the current situation in river basins

Implies review of the legislation and existing Cadastres of SHPP and gathering data in relation to the construction of SHPP in Serbia.

  • Preparation of methodology for assessment of locations for SHPP

Defining methodology for the assessment of all locations for the construction of SHPP from 100 KW to 10 MW of power including analysis of water flow of the rivers and energy potential based on historical inflows for 50 years where available.

  • Data collection of the potential locations of SHPP

Analysis and assessment of all locations and corresponding rivers for potential construction of SHPP (from 100 КW to 10 МW) shall be based upon the approved Methodology. Contemporary methods for the remote sensing shall be used for data collection necessary for the planned spatial analyses. Implementation of the contemporary methods for data collection will enable high accuracy of 3D data of the actual terrain situation (virtual world), as well as data that cannot be collected using conventional methods. One of the important activities is the set up of 20 new measuring points where hydrological measurements will be carried out in the period of one year.

  • Preparation of new Cadastre data base

Based on the outputs of all previous activities, the new Cadastre for SHPP with real data from the field and new locations entries will be developed in suitable electronic format (data base) and in format appropriate for Web. Based on the finalized data base, the results will be also placed on the web.

  • Upgrading of existing GIS software with new Cadastre of SHPP

The existing MoME’s GIS software will be upgraded and reprogramed in order to accept data of new Cadastre.

Objective 2: Trained staff and improved awareness on the new Cadastre for Small Hydro Power Plants

  • Training for the staff of the final beneficiary institution

Detailed timetable with training implementation, description of the training modules with clearly identified target groups and institutions. During the final phase of the Project, a final one-day seminar will be held for staff from institutions who will be in charge of further development, updating and possible changing of Cadastre.

  • Organizing study visit for the staff of the beneficiary institutions

One study tour in EU country for staff from the beneficiary institutions in order to provide capacity building will be organized. The country should have significant hydro potential and number of SHPPs.

  • Visibility and presentation of the new Cadastre of SHPP

Provide visibility and presentation of the new Cadastre for SHPP in order to raise the visibility of the project, increase awareness among various target audiences and to ensure successful communication about the accomplished project results. Regarding visibility, the following actions and tools will include: events, round tables and preparation of different materials.